Statewide Working Groups Kick Off

Over the last couple weeks, four of our nine statewide working groups met to initiate discussions about topics that are critical to the development of our long range transportation plan for New Mexico.  (The other groups will start meeting over the next couple months.) The statewide working groups are one of the ways we are generating the raw ideas that will help shape the plan.  The groups will address transportation issues identified in Federal transportation legislation and key issues that are specific to New Mexico.  These issues include:

  • Public health, safety and security
  • State of good repair – the physical condition of the transportation system
  • Access, mobility, and connectivity of the transportation system
  • Freight movement – how goods move to, from, within, and through the State
  • Regional development, border considerations, and related issues
  • Visitor travel, recreation and tourism
  • Federal, state, and tribal lands
  • Cultural resources, historic resources, landscapes, and natural environment
  • Plan implementation and project delivery

As our working groups meet, we will be posting questions from them in this forum.  We look forward to your engagement in this process.

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