Committees & Groups

The New Mexico DOT State Long Range Transportation Plan (SLRP) is being updated through a robust engagement process.  A set of committees and working groups have been formed to help provide input into the plan from the bottom up (working groups) and to review and vet the work products of the planning process (committees).

The figure below captures the overall process.  Specific roles for each group are described below.


Bottom Up Planning – Working Groups

Nine groups focused on statewide topical issues and seven groups focused on regional specific issues are working to help develop the material for the plan.  The attached handout provides detailed information about the working groups.

Coordination – Committees

Coordination with other groups and activities takes place through a set of committees.  Two committees – one made up of NMDOT senior management and one made up of planning staff from New Mexico’s MPOs and RTPOs – provide the review and coordination with other transportation planning and investment activities taking place in the state.  The Tribal Coordinating Committee helps ensure that the SLRP is coordinated with New Mexico’s 23 tribes.  An Interagency Coordinating Committee ensures that the SLRP is coordinated with planning activities of other State agencies.  Finally, an Interested Parties Coordinating Committee ensures that a broad range of stakeholders (as required in Federal transportation legislation) have an opportunity to participate in the planning process.

Overall documents

 Meeting summaries


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